Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Therapeutic milieu

The therapeutic milieu is different to the concept of therapeutic landscape. Where landscape may be hard, objective and external, this is soft, fluid and internal. It generally refers to a structured group setting, where the existence of the group is beneficial to the healing outcome of the patient. A formalised therapeutic milieu is one that has been set up in an inpatient setting, and where healthy patterns are established, as well as the experience of a secure and trusting environment. It may also refer to the informal support networks available to a patient within the family and community. Within the primary care setting, this informal support milieu may be assumed, when in fact it may not exist at all. One tends to ask the elderly, if they have support in terms of physical needs, but it is just as important to query their level of psychological and emotional support. These are the group who see their contemporaries pass away, who live in a world, where technology has surpassed their dreams and imaginations, and yet, they can be very lonely and isolated. Likewise, the young, busy working couple may not have the community and family net work to sustain the in times of stress and misfortune. The young child and teeneger ma also live in an environment that is not supportive emotionally and which provides no formal or informal mentoring.