Monday, 22 July 2013

Management of tremor in medieval Persia

Management of tremor in medieval Persia.
J Hist Neurosci. 2013;22(1):53-61
Authors: Zargaran A, Zarshenas MM, Mehdizadeh A, Mohagheghzadeh A
Tremor has been described in traditional systems of medicine throughout history. Persian medicine was one of those systems in medieval times and in it neurology and neurosurgery were also widely practiced and accepted. Based on the main Persian medical manuscripts, the current study focuses on the medieval concept of tremor as an important neurological disorder in order to clarify the development of neurology. Accordingly, three main approaches to the control and treatment of tremor in traditional Persian medicine are considered. First is lifestyle modification. The administration of simple medicines is the second, and the last is the application of compound medicines. Our study shows how much was known about tremor in traditional Persian medicine.
PMID: 23323532 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]